domingo, 7 de junio de 2009

The Metronomes - Something Big - 1962

THE METRONOMES: Something Big!

Año 1962
Julius Robinson - Vocals
Charles "Woody" Woodford - Vocals
Paul Benson - Vocals
Conrad Moore - Vocals

Melba Liston (Arranger, conductor),
Les Spann (Guitar)
Grady Tate (Drums)
Roy McCurdy (Drums)
Junior Mance (Piano)
A'nt Idy Harper (Bass)
Henry Grimes (Bass)
1. On Green Dolphin Street
2. Back Door Blues
3. I Remember Clifford
4. 'Till I Met You
5. Monk's Mood
6. The Start of Something Big
7. 'Round Midnight
8. Love is The Thing
9. Night in Tunisia

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