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Karl Jenkins - Requiem


Requiem is released on CD by EMI in March 2005, together with
Jenkins' In These Stones Horizons Sing, commissioned for the opening
of The Welsh Millennium Centre in November 2004.

"The Requiem is dedicated to the memory of my father who was a musician,
friend and inspiration. It was a moving and rewarding time for me when composing
this work, with its blend of traditional Latin text combined with the haiku poems from
Japan, and a thrill to bring what are seemingly disparate elements together, such
as a fabulous orchestra from Kazakhstan, the best of Welsh choirs, and our brilliant
soloists.” —Karl Jenkins

"Requiem" - Performed by:

Nicole Tibbets - all female vocals
Clive Bell - shakuhachi
Marat Bisengaliev - solo violin
Sam Landman - treble
Catrin Finch - harp
Tim Thorne - horn
Gavin Horsley - bass vocals
Gary Kettel - percusion
Rupert Christie - programming

West Kazakhstan Philharmonic Orchestra
Serendipity and Côr Caerdydd & Cytgan - Choir

"In These Stones Horizons Sing" - Performed by:

Bruyn Terfel - bass-bariton
Catrin Finch - harp
Nigel Hitchcock - soprano saxophone

West Kazakhstan Philharmonic Orchestra
Serendipity and Côr Caerdydd&Cytgan - Choir

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