lunes, 5 de enero de 2015

Eric Whitacre - The Complete A Cappella Works 1991-2001

1. Water Night, for chorus
2. Songs of Faith (3), for chorus: I Will Wade Out
3. Songs of Faith (3), for chorus: Hope, Faith, Life, Love
4. Songs of Faith (3), for chorus: I Thank You God for Most this Amazing Day
5. Cloudburst, for chorus, handbells, percussion & piano
6. Sleep, for chorus
7. Flower Songs (3), for chorus: I Hide Myself
8. Flower Songs (3), for chorus: With a Lily in Your Hand
9. Flower Songs (3), for chorus: Go, Lovely Rose
10. When David Heard, for chorus
11. Lux aurumque, for chorus (also for wind ensemble)
12. Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine, for chorus

Eric Whitacre (Artist), Ronald Staheli (Conductor), Brigham Young University Singers (Performer)

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