jueves, 8 de enero de 2015

Weelkes - Madrigals & Anthems - A Rooley, Consort of Musicke (1997)

1. What Have the Gods
2. Alleluia, I Heard a Voice
3. Hosanna to the Son of David  
4. Gloria In Excelsis Deo  
5. As Vesta was from Latmos Hill  
6. Hark, All Ye Lovely Saints  
7. Like Two Proud Armies
8. All People Clap Your Hands
9. O Happy He Whom Thou Protect'st  
10. O How Amiable Are Thy Dwellings
11. O Jonathon, Woe is Me for Thee
13. When David Heard
14. Weelkes: Death Hath Deprived Me  
15. Noel, Adieu Thou Court's Delight  
16. Cease Sorrows Now
17. Thule, the Period of Cosmography  
18. O Care, Thou Wilt Despatch Me  

19. Lord, to Thee I Make my Moan


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