jueves, 20 de octubre de 2016

Soul Vocal Group Delights, vol. 20

The O'jays - Stand In For Love
The Elements - Got To Make It Right
The Volumes - A Way To Love You
Facts Of Life - Love Is The Final Truth
The Ultimate Truth - Hooked On Love
Masters Of Soul - Lovely Little Lassie
Pacific Gas & Electric - Thank God For You, Baby -
Bloodstone - Just Like In The Movies
The Inclinations - The Harder We Try
The Hiptones - I've Got My Baby
September - I'll Go Crazy
The Fiestas - Thanks For The Sweet Memories
The Whispers - If You Feel Like Coming Home
The Young Mods - I Can't Hurt You Back
Amuzement Park - Do You Still Love Me
The Hesitations - You'll Never Know
The Untouchables - Savin' All My Love
The Insiders - Chapel Bells Are Calling
The Parliaments - That Was My Girl

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